Competitiveness And Education As The Main Challenge In Mexico

Competitiveness and education are the main challenges facing human capital in the process of renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement, according to the participants of the NAFTA Impact forum on Human Capital in Mexico.
A Labor Secretary said that it is necessary to conclude the chapter on justice within the labor reform to dignify employment.
In this regard, the secretary said that it is necessary to avoid the trap of labor protectionism and give flexibility to jobs, but it is also necessary to reduce those outsourcing practices that seek to avoid tax and labor law obligations.
In relation to the inclusion of the rule that regulates subcontracting schemes within the labor reform package, the secretary said that due to the confusion that could arise it had not been incorporated.
North America has been transformed with NAFTA
In the second participation in the forum, said that international trade has changed since this agreement was signed, because the economies have been regionalized.
Therefore, he said, the commercial integration has grown exponentially and this model has been imitated in several parts of the world, so it is now the regions that have economic relevance.
Mexico exported 100 million dollars before NAFTA, now we export 1,000 million dollars.
The workers have also benefited from the agreement, since those states with export vocation such as Chihuahua and Jalisco have a greater distribution of income among their population.
Education, way to raise wages
There is a real need to professionalize Mexican workers so they can compete with North American neighbors.
There are few opportunities in Mexico to study a graduate degree and it is very necessary for Mexican workers to become professional such a surgeon or dentist in tijuana mexico.
This was an idea that, for whom the wage increase in Mexico cannot depend on external decisions but on conditions within the Mexican market and in this sense, the professionalization of workers is fundamental.
According to experts in economics, human capital is the main generator of wealth and therefore invests in it to ensure the future of the countries.