Mural Of The Brotherhood In Tijuana

Personnel of DIF Tijuana, as well as its directors, contribute to the mural called of the brotherhood, located in the border wall of the artist Enrique Chiu.

Elements belonging to the institution, painted happily around 18 meters of the wall in the vicinity of the International Avenue, a place well traveled by locals and foreigners who come with their dentist in Tijuana Mexico.

The president of the DIF Tijuana Board of Trustees, Ma. Dolores Rivera de Gastélum, felt very happy about the collaboration, since it is a work of international significance, and that speaks of the values ​​of all those who live on the border.

The project of the wall of the brotherhood began 8 months ago in the border wall, aiming to erase the divisions of two countries.

Throughout the months 2 kilometers of the wall have been painted with the support of various institutions.

Among other actions by the government to improve the city is that the city’s zoo will no longer be a place for the protection of animals, it will be a site for rehabilitation of species and later they will be sent to reserves where they can grow according to their nature.

This type of zoo comes from Barcelona, ​​Spain where in addition to providing shelter and assistance to wounded and seized animals, visitors to the native fauna will also be educated.

The Zoo XXI, is a space that promotes more the use of technology that shows how they behave in their natural habitat, and is also more scientific because it will show visitors.

Currently, the Zoological model confines species to a space, often insufficient for their needs.

The municipal president, committed to this transformation what would turn the Tijuana Zoo into the second in Mexico of the bioparque type.

It is a news apparently girlish but it is transcendental. We have failed to work together so that the animals stay in the best way, and our children enjoy a better environment, and the animals are better treated, commented the case the first mayor.