Factories Need Employees

There are more than five thousand vacancies available in the Tijuana industry. The factories are running out of employees due to the bad treatment they were given and the reputation that was kept for many years, which is why many people did not want to work there, in the actuality and they are working harder so that more people want to work there. many people have money that they can now invest in their needs as root canal in Tijuana or enroll in a gym or enroll their children in a good school.


For many negative things that people can say about the factories, they are an important source of work for the region of Tijuana in which thousands of people work, if we want to see the positive side we can say that they contribute to the production of things that are very good for the community like fabrics or edible products


The major mentioned that these available places are mainly due to the rotation of employees in the industry, rather than the opening of new production lines or the arrival of new companies.


“At the beginning of the year, many employees of production lines go to their places of origin, and when they return they do not return to the same maquiladora industry, because on the way they realize that what they earned was a different salary,” he explained.


He pointed out that in the city of Tijuana more than 220 thousand people are employed in the maquiladora industry, so the lack of personnel hardly represents 2.5% of the workforce.


He commented that many maquila companies choose to solve the shortage of personnel through the subcontracting of temporary employees.


“It is not outside the law, it exists and it is regulated. There was an overuse and some outsourcing companies were not in compliance with their obligations as employers, but the federal law is very clear, if the outsourcing does not comply, in the end the solidarity pattern, which is the maquiladora industry, is responsible