The growth of the border is increasing

Thanks to the great demand of dentists in Tijuana for All on 4 Implants in Tijuana and the great traffic of personnel and vehicles, a new improved system has been planned and this mobility plan will be implemented through the Urban Development and Ecology Secretariat, with an initial budget, for the rehabilitation of roads, and this item corresponds to approximately 200 thousand square meters, said the head of the unit. In addition, this plan contains permanent actions on topics such as lighting, the delivery of 40 subdivisions to the municipality, clean-up days, real estate, the environment, including the Integral Transportation System of Tijuana, and changes in the direction of avenues in the city.

It is an integral plan in which the efforts to which we direct the work will be directed to solve the lag in different areas in which we are immersed, at the beginning we can not talk about urban development without talking about teamwork with citizens ” , said the head of the Ministry of Urban Development and Ecology, before the audience where there were colleges of specialists, business chambers, media and part of the municipal cabinet.

The locations to start with the paving were the result of citizen participation in the consultation forums held by the XXII City Council, in addition to the work based on road diagnostics, carried out with the support of the chambers and colleges of the branch of the construction, likewise in collaboration with the delegations.

Senses will be reversed in certain streets, on the Las Ferias boulevard, as well as the 201 Squadron street, located on Boulevard Salinas this as the first stage of the aforementioned plan.

Tijuana is considered one of the 5 fastest growing cities in the country, which is why the development and promotion of the city, requires us to take care of what it demands as a metropolitan area, that is why we cannot stay static and have that make decisions that meet the needs of the population.