Companies Expand In Tijuana Despite Uncertainty

Not everything is rosy color in the businesses of the city, while some take advantage to come to Tijuana for their prices in plastic surgeries or dental restorations in Tijuana, foreign companies that manufacture in Tijuana feel harassed by the new policies of the US government; However, despite the frictions and threats of President Donald Trump, they have decided to expand but with a low profile.

The president of the Association of the Maquiladora and Export Industry in Tijuana explained that currently, around 30 companies in the city are planning the expansion of their production and with it the investment and job creation.

This industry in Tijuana is still growing, they are still looking for us with these plans to expand their plants right here, only today, unfortunately, we can not make it public as names, amounts, it is something that is happening.

Continue with agreements
The head of the Ministry of Economic Development of the State of Baja California indicated that both Mexico and the United States should continue with the trade agreements that have allowed them to benefit the two nations, both in economic spillover and in the reduction in the production cost.

I regret many times when companies tell me ‘I want to expand, Mr. Secretary, but please do not want to go public because I am afraid of retaliation with the US government.

In the case of Baja California, said that despite expanding its market to other regions such as the East or Europe, it is important to maintain the link that exists with the seventh economic power in the world: California-United States.

In addition, the official acknowledged that there is no other country that can compete with the consumption capacity of the Anglo-Saxon country.

The president of the Economic and Industrial Development of Tijuana said that for this year they expect the arrival of investment between seven and eight projects, although they have not yet defined figures that translate into economic spillovers.