Improvement of Civil Protection of Tijuana with new mobile units

The city of Tijuana wants to improve the name of the city by improving public safety, since it wants both citizens and people visiting the city for medical and dental services in several private medical centers such as Sanoviv Dental, to feel safe in the city , that is why the Directorate of Civil Protection received two mobile units that will function as an emergency operations center and a preventive training classroom, respectively.

The mobile emergency operations center will be used as a command base in events and events where coordination and logistics in security matters are required

The preventive training classroom will bring to the community mechanisms and tools for self-protection and adaptation to risks, through talks or short workshops on civil protection.

Both mobile units were conferred in the loan by the Fire Department and the municipal system for the Integral Development of the Family, to the Directorate of Civil Protection.

For the habilitation of the units, an investment of 130 thousand pesos was made, which was contributed by civil associations.

Civil Protection is a mechanism for prevention, preparation, response and reconstruction in the event of emergencies or disasters.

On the other hand, the city has other needs, for example, people from different neighborhoods say they have been in adverse conditions for paving for years. And things get worse when the rain arrives, and they tell us that much of the current that goes down does it down that street, a fact that has caused the roads to be washed away to the extent that the potholes are everywhere.

At the same time, they find it incomprehensible that being a middle-class colony, where all the neighbors pay their property, they have not had a service worthy of paving.

We all pay property and not a little; then he asks himself, what do we have to do to be paved, if we are forgotten despite being here in Playas? Many turn it around, but those of us who live here have no other choice. Hopefully and the authorities come to see how they have forgotten these streets, “he concluded.